Re-Elect Scott Bahr to Livonia City Council on November 5th

Scott Bahr was born in Livonia, educated in Livonia Public Schools, and has specifically chosen Livonia as home for his family, so he is deeply vested in Livonia’s long-term success. Livonia has long been recognized as a top place to raise a family, and Scott intends to keep it that way. Amidst a remarkable stretch of growth and redevelopment, Scott believes Livonia is showing the region how a proud, well-planned community continually renews itself. The priorities that have always made Livonia attractive – exceptional public safety, excellent services, beautiful parks, and low taxes – are still in place and attracting a new generation of families, as evidenced by Livonia’s recent ranking as the country’s second hottest real estate market for millennials.

In his four years on City Council, Scott has established a reputation of careful preparation, insightful questions, willingness to listen to citizen concerns, and a disciplined commitment to making decisions based on what is best for the community. He is a leader of integrity who continues Livonia’s long tradition of responsible, accountable government. Please support him with your vote on August 6th.


Successful campaigns are expensive.  It takes a lot of printing and postage to educate voters about our campaign.  Any amount you are able to contribute toward that effort is greatly appreciated. 


Yard signs help boost name recognition, and when people see one in the yard of someone they know, it increases their likelihood of voting for that candidate.  Give us your contact information, and we will bring one to you. 


Scott regularly reports on Council decisions through his Facebook page.  Follow his page to stay up-to-date on what is happening in your community.